Hello I'm Ally!
I was born in 1993 on Vancouver Island. That's on the west coast of Canada for those of you that don't know. It truly is a lovely place but I have always felt that my heart lay elsewhere and in a different era. I am currently attending university in the hopes that any degree I achieve will make me seem smarter than I truly am, land me my dream job of who knows what, and end with my happily ever after.

I have many passions, most of which include me not moving from this very spot on my bed. I like to read, write, and doodle terrible pictures. However I also have a passion for travel, photography, and adventure. I'm not very creative but most things that I enjoy require me to be. Therefore most of my passions I am mediocre at. It's okay, I've come to accept that.

I love Fall and Winter and if I could I would move somewhere that was perpetually locked into those seasons. I am your stereotypical Canadian. I am an avid Canuck fan. And I have nothing else to say for the moment!

- A


  1. I love your header so much, it's so pretty! Two of my favorite cities! (who's not? haha) Love your blog! x

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower

    1. Thanks love!! I want to visit them so badly because I'm sure they would be mine as well x) - one day!